Useful macramé includes everything that can be done with a rope. Starting from the everyday use objects, decorative items to wall decorations. A little more knowledge and experience is needed for making of these objects, so it’s not recommended for beginners. The string of 2-3 millimeters to the extreme thicknesses for macro-macramé are used for making. These can include various ropes, cords, straps and leather combined with other materials.

Belt made of 3mm thick cotton cord in natural color.

Belt made of 3mm thick cotton cord in black and natural color.

Belt made of 2mm cotton thread.

Povodac za psa.jpg
Dog leash 

The book „Macramé – the art of tying knots“ is done as a manual for everyone interested in Macramé. It contains over 120 drawings and 150 photographs in color. For the beginners, everything that’s needed was given to successfully learn Macramé. The detailed instructions were given for making knots, Cavandoli bindings, strings and cords, decorative beginnings, circled bindings, clothing items, and all other interpretations that are needed for successful realization of the projects. For those that know Macramé, the works in this book could serve as inspiration for future creative activities.

The book gives a small overview of the knots and interlaces of the monasteries of the Moravian school, which gave its full contribution in the development of decorative knots and interlacing with its stone plastic.